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Sky Big Group, established in 1993 & running the business of air cargo, is the star of the freight business.  SBG is not youth but aggressive company.

SBG is the group of experienced staffs for 5-20 years in the freight business.  They are professional experts of 3C (confidence, care and conscientiousness) along with quickly, complete and considerable delivery service.  Basic on Taiwan, the company is developing the worldwide freight system.

Besides the booming business of worldwide and Taiwan Enterprises, SBG is creating its own network in Asia and agent of world big city, such as the business of import, export, freight consolidation and triangle trade of China, Hong Kong & Taiwan.  SBG can immediately offer clients information and service at anytime anyplace. 

Without being through other brokers, all of clients' cargo can be directly handled by one set operation of SBG.  No matter where the cargo is in the world, we keep our eyes on them and respond for any tiny safe.  Considering the earth warming effect, SBG is operating by the new way of ESD (environment safe delivery) in the office and trying to achieve 1000 top enterprises. 

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